Are You Not Yet Having the Life You Want?

Are you feeling stuck in different parts of your life?

Not getting what you want?

Is your income, business, or career not where you want it to be?

Would you like improvement in your relationships? Or to attract a partner?

Do you have health issues holding you back, such as an illness or pain?

Or is it hard to lose the weight, or do you want to stick to a diet and exercise program?

We are often struggling in the places where we have an unconscious block in the way, or we don't have the right person supporting us and being in our corner, holding our hand and helping guide us along the way.

I believe that it is a basic human right to be able to be free of what’s blocking us getting to contribute our gifts, and live happy, healthy lives. Life is short and we only get one go. 

That’s why I’ve started The World Freedom Movement. Everything I offer is in line with helping to create more freedom, prosperity, health (for us and our relationships) and happiness.

My mission and purpose is to create as much positive change on the planet as I can.

And one of the ways I like to do this is by working with entrepreneurs - because businesses solve problems and contribute solutions to many people.

I also like to help free people from what's holding them back from the life they want and get them unstuck, because when people flourish and thrive, they naturally turn around and help others.

I want to create ripples of positive change on the planet, so I look to help those who will also in some way, be helping others.

This way my reach and impact are exponential.


The Life-Threatening Illness that Showed Me the Way

In my early twenties, I contracted a mystery illness that no doctor could diagnose. I had chronic fatigue, insomnia, memory loss, hair loss, and I had trouble reading, writing, speaking, and thinking. It was debilitating and extremely scary. I already had some dyslexia, ADD and other learning disorders, so this was crushing.

I saw many specialists in western medicine, eastern medicine, energy medicine, alternative medicine, and no one could diagnose me, and no one was able to relieve the symptoms.  

Years began to pass and I got a little better each year, and eventually became a therapist, because seemed like a great way to help people. But despite all the therapy tools, I still found that some people didn’t get the breakthroughs that they wanted. 

Then one day I found out that the results that we have in our lives, our health, our income, our career or the state of our business, is only 10% determined by our thoughts from our conscious mind. Everything we experience in life is about 90% determined by what patterns are playing out in our unconscious. That was a huge turning point for me.

I began searching for answers in the realm of working with our unconscious patterns, not only for my clients, but for myself and the mystery illness. 

Over years I dove into studying in this field and that’s when I discovered Childhood Imprinting, and then I took the best of the best elements of different transformational work and developed Family Entanglement Work.

Family Entanglements are problems and patterns that we inherit from previous generations – around money, business, relationships, health and happiness. 

Childhood Imprints are the problems and patterns we get imprinted with between conception and age 7. 

Childhood Imprinting and Family Entanglement Work were the only things that were able to have a profound effect on the mystery illness. Symptoms that I had had for years just disappeared. 

I took this work to my clients, and the places where they had been stuck for year, sometimes for their whole lives, began to shift, and move and clear. People were finally getting the breakthroughs they wanted and that they had waited their whole lives for.

I used Childhood Re-Imprint and Family Entanglement Work to help me get unstuck around my business and income, and I was able to have a sold out coaching practice in 1 1/2 months, I was able to grow my business to 6 figures in 9 months. 

When I saw how powerful this work was, I realized that I could help thousands of people free themselves what their inner blocks and whatever was holding them back so they could start having the lives they wanted and living their visions and dreams. So they can be a positive influence on those around them and contribute in the ways they can contribute. I also realized I could help those who have a vision, a mission, a business, and help them be able to reach more people and create even more positive change through their contribution. 

Through this work, and through business consulting, coaching and mentorship, I help create ripples of positive change on the planet and contribute to a World Freedom Movement that allows people to live their lives they came here to live, make money doing what they love, and travel the world. World travel is one of the best educations one can get, it reinvigorates the spirit so you can come back and contribute even more fully, and it helps move us towards World Empathy, World Connection, and World Peace. 

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Are You Hitting a Ceiling With Your Business Results?

Are you an entrepreneur, a small business owner, or a solo-practitioner?

Are you a coach, consultant, real estate or financial professional?

Are you a sales professional or a C-level executive who wants to improve your results?

Do you need to bring in more clients or customers?

Do you need to take your income to the next level?

Are you struggling with achieving greater business success?

  • Attract more customers with confidence and ease
  • Increase your capacity to not only earn, but keep more income
  • Accelerate your business by working smart, not hard

I've been studying human development and what causes success for 15 years.
I’ve taught thousands of people how to move beyond what’s holding them back and increase their success.
My clients report that their business and financial results improve, as does their confidence, groundedness, and focus.
Are you curious about getting results like these too?

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